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Solution to Your Baldness Problem

Some people have experienced the phase of hair loss in the course of their age. Stress, hormonal problems, illness, the use of certain drugs, to heredity can be the cause. For those who are experiencing a phase of hair loss or the threat of baldness, there are several options as a way to quickly grow hair such as use non surgical hair replacement. Before discussing how to grow hair, it helps you recognize the pattern of baldness that occurs. The reason is, this pattern will be different in men and women.

Baldness that often occurs in men is called androgenetic alopecia. About 90 percent of men who experience it may accuse heredity as the cause of this condition. The baldness process could have started since someone was a teenager or in their early 20s. The younger the person’s age when the process starts, the worse the baldness level will be.

If men can experience total baldness without hair, this condition almost never occurs in women. Women usually only experience thinning hair and strands of hair which also become thinner. Thinning hair in ordinary men begins with the receding hairline around the forehead. This process seems to form the letter M or thinning hair that begins at the top of the head. The longer, thinning the hair more clearly visible until finally becoming half bald or total bald.

The scientists managed to find that the pattern of baldness in men arises due to the gene triggers hair follicles which become very sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This testosterone-derived hormone is produced with the help of enzymes in the hair follicle oil glands. DHT will attach to receptors in hair follicles, then make these follicles shrink. As a result, the size of the follicle becomes permanently smaller in the long run. Shrinking follicles will produce strands of hair that are thin and fall out easily so that they cannot produce hair at all. When this happens, the area of ​​the scalp becomes bald. To re-grow hair, it takes effort that is not a moment. The results also take several months to be seen.

Human hair actually consists of several parts. Starting from the follicles in the form of pockets in the scalp where hair grows, and hair shaft that grows above the scalp. In the base of the follicle, hair cells produce strands of hair from a type of protein called keratin. Blood vessels around the follicles will deliver nutrients and hormones associated with the growth and formation of the hair structure.