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How to Overcome Baldness, No Need for Hair Transplantation

Baldness problems are often difficult to prevent as we get older. No need to worry, there are ways to overcome baldness that can be done at home to slow down thinning hair, one of it is non surgical hair replacement.

Baldness, or medical terms known as androgenetic alopecia, can be experienced by anyone, male or female. However, this problem mostly occurs in men and affects more than half of men in the world aged over 50 years. About 85 percent of men will experience thinning hair when they step in 50 years. Even some of them experienced severe hair loss that leads to baldness before the age of 21 years. This is certainly a fear for some men because it can reduce self-confidence, disrupt the first impression, and affect their professional and even personal lives.

Almost all hair loss problems experienced by men are motivated by genetic factors. Other causes can be influenced by the use of certain drugs, too much vitamin A, or lack of protein intake. Having a history of illness and stress can also cause severe hair loss. Then, the influence of hormones; pregnancy; low calorie or carbohydrate diet; puberty, and menopause can also cause hair loss that leads to baldness. In addition, also exacerbated by environmental factors namely sun exposure, air pollution, and even poor water quality can contribute to the fragility of hair and baldness problems.

Here’s how to overcome baldness naturally:

1. Stop smoking

In addition to having a negative effect on the lungs, smoking also causes facial wrinkles and accelerates gray hair and hair loss. Smoking can damage the immune system. When the immune system is bad, it can trigger an increase in bacterial or fungal infections on the scalp. The infection then inhibits the follicles to produce healthy hair. To prevent hair loss and baldness quickly, you should start by stopping smoking as soon as possible.

2. Avoid products with a hard content

Using hair styling products that are hard, such as gels, waxes, hairspray for long periods can make hair brittle, thinning, and eventually cause baldness. Temporarily stop using the product and let your hair and scalp ‘breathe’.

3. Use a special anti-hair shampoo

Shampoo that claims to prevent thinning and baldness of hair works in two ways at the same time, namely giving volume to the hair so it looks thicker. This can be beneficial for people who have thin and natural hair. Second, the special shampoo also contains vitamins and amino acids that nourish the scalp so as to increase hair growth over time. Before deciding to buy which shampoo product to use, carefully read the contents and benefits so that you don’t choose the wrong one.